The beginnings were humble. A small garage, ¼ acre of farmyard near Merrill Hills subdivision , and a home office were the first “headquarters”. Check the picture of the garage and you’ll see that
California Closet’s had nothing on us! Early in the second year an office above a restaurant in downtown Waukesha replaced the one at home.

   Each year we annexed a little more farmyard, but soon the space was outgrown (piglets escaping their pens were eating our plants!), necessitating a move to our current location on Duplainville Rd. in Pewaukee in 1997. This 7.5 acre site provides us plenty of space to store nursery stock and hardgoods. A 5200 square foot building provides office space, repair shop, and truck parking.

   Merrill Hills Landscape Company is a design/build landscape contractor serving residential, commercial, and industrial customers. On any given day we could be planting trees in common areas of a new subdivision, installing a paved patio at a new or existing residence, constructing a decorative block retaining wall, sodding a new lawn, and designing gardens for a new commercial building.

   We take each of these specialties very seriously. Each of them requires special knowledge regarding design ,material selection, and installation that may or may not be standard. Our overall attention to detail@ ensures that our projects are completed on or before the date promised, technically correct, and also match the mental picture our customers have of their ideal landscape.

   We'd like to share a few of these details with you as examples of the commitment we have to our work.